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◆  Bella: Body London Model and bullying…

Bella has used her own experience to counter body shaming and bullying. By speaking about her bullying at school, she hopes to give confidence to young people who may experience external pressures when growing up. Bella users her own journey, to show how you can gain confidence and acceptance of who you are.

Bella has gone on to create her own Foundation, that provides body positive talks at schools. Following two successful TED talks in the USA, she has now been invited to do her first TED talk in London. Bella combines her professional Body London modelling career, with her own personal journey to raise awareness of the growing issues around body shaming. 

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◆  Leanne: Body London Model and model rights activist…

Scouted at 13 years old Leanne appeared in Vogue and then went on to work with many famous brands both in the UK and overseas. Her experience of many established model agencies led her to push for increased models rights. She has since trained as a lawyer and written a number of books, including the “Model Manifesto – An A to Z of anti exploitation in the Model Industry”.

“A great book, a must read for any aspiring model” … “if you are a parent, a friend or an individual who is wanting to begin a career as a model, please read this book asap”…”Fabulous book”. Click the image for the Model Manifesto 

Leanne model manifesto


◆  Gemma: Body London Founder and diversity…

Gemma has used her own modelling experience to create a new style of model agency. Her belief that the catwalk can work alongside curve models, that business can work alongside inclusivity, has energised her new agency.

To quote "Gemma Howorth has created the first truly millennial model agency".

She has developed new agency concepts, like a dedicated none booking team exclusively providing models with career guidance, diet advice and model feedback, all driven by the Millennial concept of the model, within the Fashion business, as an integral and equal part.  

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◆  Charley: Body London Model and being transgender…

Charley’s journey has required a self will and belief that only she can explain. The physical process of change, in a professional environment can be less intimidating than the mental situations you need to progress through. Not least the degree of passing acceptance within the transgender community itself, which can create a strong negative effect, in the journey of wider acceptance for trans people.

A part of this wider acceptance, is becoming an openly transgender model, with a supportive agency, in the public eye.

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◆  Hannah: Body London Model and modesty…

The Model industry has been accused of not moving with the times. It was in recent memory that advertising requiring a hijab, resulted in a western model just wearing a scarf.

Now the increasing awareness of cultural appropriation and the creation of more diverse and culturally sensitive model agencies, has shown the first small step in promoting a wider diversity within fashion and an increase in opportunities for modesty models like Hannah.

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