Successful Model?


  Your Personal Model Manager:

Do you want more clients? We are one of the UK's fastest growing agencies, with offices in London and in Manchester. We also have two teams. Our Booking Team only focus on clients, they focus on booking you the best jobs. Our Model Management Team focus on you, your feedback, payments, visas and career plan. Find out more...

  Your On-Line Account:

You will have your Body London Model account, live, on your phone. You have 24/7 access to your calendar, financial statement, updates and more.

No more chasing your agency for information. We put your best Model life on your phone! 

  Fact Based Feedback:

 Tired of "cut your hair, pay for another test" feedback.  Our fact based feedback pinpoints how you can increase your bookings. 

  Your Mental Health and Wellbeing:

Our Model Management team combine real experience as Models, with international qualifications. We are Level 2 FAQ Mental Health qualified, part of our professional commitment to support you. 

  Independently Inspected:

We apply the codes of the Model Alliance and UK regulations to ensure the best professional support. You do not pay for your card, books or website. Our fact based feedback sytem develops your personal Career Plan. We just offer you more. 

  Next Step:

To find out more, pop into our agency or give me a call now. Take your career to the next level.

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