Mother Agents: Why Body London?

Body London is the fastest growing agency in the UK (Source: Plimsoll). Our Booking Team are separate from our Model Management Team. So our Bookers can focus on securing the best jobs, from our London and Manchester offices. 

Our Model Manager Team support your Models. Model Managers advise on visas, accommodation, test shoots and payments. Our Managers use our Model analytical software and training, to support your Models, to be the best they can be.   

Mother Agents On-Line Account:

Body London values our Mother Agent Partners. Only Body London provides your own Mother Agents Account. Everything you need, on line, 24/7 - model jobs, MAC, contracts and more. Request a demonstration.    

Models On-Line Account:

Your Models will have their own Body London on-line account.  Unique to Body London, your Models can view their calendar, financials, contract and more, on their phone. Body London gives your models control over their life. Another unique reason to select Body London. 

No Debt Guarantee:

No charge for books, cards or website. If Body London advances your Models for one off visa, accommodation or pocket money, and your Model does not work. Your Model does not repay us. Plain and simple. 

Mental Health and Wellbeing:

Our Model Management team combine real experience as Models, with international qualifications, like the Level 2 FAQ Mental Health, to ensure your Models receive the latest industry leading model support. We will handle your Models problems, so you do not need to.  

Independently Inspected:

Your Models deserve the best. Body London is inspected by and is a member of the British Fashion Model Agents Association

The BFMA is affiliated to the British Fashion Council.

Next Step:

Propose your best models to : or call 0203 992 9797

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